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Wheel Alignment

Qualified Mechanics

Here at Quick Motor Solutions we have the worlds leading Wheel Alignment system, the Hunter 4.

 The Hunter 4 means we can offer you the most accurate readings for your Wheel Alignment and give you a clear understanding of your adjustment requirements.

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Our prices start from £75 for OEM wheel Alignment


Prices for Performance Wheel Alignment start from £180


Prices for Race Wheel Alignment start from £405

Our expertise combined with our state of the art equipment makes us well equipped to not only offer OEM vehicle wheel alignment, but also for all your performance wheel alignment needs such as;

Race cars   
Track cars   
Fast road car setup   
Custom settings   
Coilover height adjustment    
Camber top mount or aftermarket  camber bolt adjustment


All our Wheel Alignments include:

  • Visual Checks

  • Check and adjust tyre pressure

  • Read and record current vehicle geometry

  • Adjust vehicle geometry

  • Save report on our data base

  • Customer print out

Our Performance Wheel Alignments also include:

  • Adjust vehicle geometry to custom settings

  • Camber top mount or aftermarket bolt adjustment

  • Coilover Height adjustment

Our Race Wheel Alignment also include:

  • Digitally corner weight car

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